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Manta5 opens international presale to Europe, USA and UK

International Presales Begin

November 2018 was a mammoth month for Manta5 as we opened our international presale to Europe, the UK and the USA at once. The response has been overwhelming and the presale reservation list is growing by the day. We are very proud to be making history with the world's first Hydrofoil eBike, the Hydorofoiler™ XE-1. 

Thank you to everyone who has, is and will join us in this new frontier! We cannot wait until we open up worldwide and have Hydrofoilers™ in every corner of the world! 

Team Photo

The Manta5 team celebrating the launch minus our electronic and software engineers, who were overseas working hard to bring production to life. 

From Left: Elliot Wilks- Graphic Designer, Karla Randrup- Executive Assistant to CEO, Lou Simson- Finance Analyst, Pierre Berthonneau- Mechanical Engineer, Tim Hamer- Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Louis Wilks- Marketing Manager, Blair Paterson- Head of Content, Samaria Mason- Supply Chain Coordinator, Greg Johnston- CEO, Stacey Kitchen- Marketing Coordinator, Tayla Styles- Client Relations Coordinator

Absent: Austen Fogerty- Electronic Engineer, Chun How Chew- Validation Engineer, Shane Buckham- Electronic Design Engineer, Roland Alonzo- Chief Product Designer, Conan Magill- Programme Manager, Brynn Mackenzie- Supply Chain Assistant